Giới thiệu Corocoroid Kirby Collectible Figures

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Corocoroid Kirby Collectible Figures!

The Corocoroid series of capsule toys features products where the capsule part is also the main body of the product, and the first to join the series is Kirby! The line-up features four different variations: Kirby & Star Rod, Kirby & Rice Ball, Kirby & Maxim Tomato and Kirby & Pep Brew! The size is similar to that of the previously released Nendoroid Kirby! Be sure to collect them all!

The first in the Corocoroid series of capsule toys!



First of all let us take a look at the “Corocoroid” series!

The Corocoroid series is a new series of assemblable capsule toys from Good Smile Company! The basis of the design is that the capsule of the toy itself becomes the body of the final figure when put together! They are fun to collect, put together and display!

Let me also explain via this image!

Kirby’s body itself is the capsule, which opens up to reveal his arms, legs and other parts which can then be attached to the “capsule” to complete the Kirby figure!!

The line-up includes these four different figures!

– Kirby & Star Rod –

– Kirby & Rice Ball –

– Kirby & Maxim Tomato –

– Kirby & Pep Brew –

They are around the same size as Nendoroid Kirby! (∩・∀・)∩

▲ The parts such as the Star Rod need to fit inside
the capsule, so they are a little bit smaller!

They can all fit in the palm of two hands like so!

▲ S-So cute!!

Each of the figures also comes with this special base which can be used to hold the figure in two different ways!

▲ You can choose between holding up the figure with
three prongs or balancing it on the curve!

Corocoroid Kirby Collectible Figures!

Currently available for preorder!! ★