Giới thiệu Kagamine Rin: Rin-chan Now! Adult Ver.

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25/10/2018 bởi kahotan

Tiêu điểm hôm nay…!

Chào mọi người!! Kahotan đây! (@gsc_kahotan)

Hôm nay, tôi muốn nói một chút về…

Kagamine Rin: Rin-chan Now! Adult Ver.

From Owata-P’s popular song with over a million views, “Rin-chan Now!”, comes a 1/8th scale figure of the adult version of Rin as designed by Hiro Tamura! From her long hair flowing down to her waist, to her somewhat more mature expression and body language, the charming aura about her is quite different from the 14-year-old version of herself! Be sure to add the beautiful adult version of Rin to your collection!

The adult version of Rin-chan, now made into a scale figure!

From the popular song “Rin-chan Now!” comes a 1/8th scale figure of the adult version of Rin!

Her beautiful long hair that flows down to her hips has been carefully sculpted to perfection! That fluttering movement as though it is blowing in the wind has also been represented!

Rin’s sweet smile is certainly a highlight…

While her cute slender legs and arms are points of interest as well! (o’ω’o)ノ

You’ve really grown to be a fine young lady, Rin-chan!

Her skirt, arm covers, knee socks and shoes have all been painted with a glossy coat to accurately represent the materials of her clothing!

The shadows and wrinkles produced from her shirt moving over her lean waist have been accurately reproduced as well! ♪

▲Perfect all the way up to her fingertips!☆

Be sure to add her to your collection!

Kagamine Rin: Rin-chan Now! Adult Ver.

Available for preorder now!

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